Apr 28, 2012

Comic Strips - Any One Can Make It (Part One)

Comics Strips, sounds fun right. We all love reading comics in some way or other. But have you ever thought of making some? Yes, making could be so much fun, and believe me, any one can make it. The only ingredient you need is the a gag or story. You still don’t believe me. Lets see, first of all we should have a gag.
For e.g. A student at exam hall in last five minutes , asks to his friend “Oh God ! Show me quick”. The other friend shuts his copy, looks up and says “God, show him”. And let the story be named ‘The Exam Hall’.
Now If I am not good at sketch, simple shapes can help. Like…
Figure 1
See figure. 1, we are telling the same story but now in an illustrated form. What we used to write, is now in the illustrated form. And it’s so simple to make it. Always keep in mind that ‘it’s the story that gets applaud or praises, the illustration or design is the just another method to showcase it’. (Unless the reader is a critic.)  At social sites you will find this level of work going viral, ask yourself when you see some next time, ‘Is it for the gorgeous illustration or the beautiful story?’.

Now what if we want to do something to improve it, while keeping it simple? Can we?
Let’s see.
Figure 2
Here we have added hands. Whenever we talk, our body, hands move accordingly. Speaking is expressing our feeling to others. So when we talk, our hand and gesture expresses our thoughts too. Which we can see in the figure 2 that by just adding two hands with expression has made it more interesting. The better you can draw the better you can express. You can draw the exam hall, students sitting all around, clock showing the time left, color it and make it like some expensive painting. But at the end of the day you are telling the same  story, which one can draw with few simple shapes.
So just find a gag, make a comic strip out of it and share it with friends. Their appreciation and criticism will let you improve your work gradually. And if you keep doing it, Your friends will call you a ‘comic artist’ for sure.

by Simmi Singh simmi@fagangstuffs.com

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  1. Completely agree on first part, 3 more to go. Please keep posting and give us a reason to be motivated towards art.