Jul 16, 2012

Comic Strips - Any One Can Make It (Part two)

So, if already have read the “anyone can make it” in the previous post, you may have started making comics strips. And if you had, you are in the right path and already a comic’s artist. Only the people who have “it” in them, are capable to keep up making comics regularly. And if you have been making some till today, then you have crossed the “level One”. As we all know there is no degree course, in making comics and there should not be for any skills in my opinion. Let your work speak for you not the degree, every artist is different and special  and if all will get “A+” in certificates then how will one know that you special. If you are good enough with your works, then be bold and let your work speak for you. You need to be spontaneous about your work. Keep learning and developing yourself, for there no rules or limit for skills. If someone tries to capture and teach creativity and in a course curriculum, believe me you will hate yourself when you come out of it. A curriculum can only teach you the tools. Creativity has to be in or learnt by you yourself.

If I am a beginner I must learn to hate my work. Why? For the beginners have to struggle a lot. Let me explain it to you some other way. We, beginners are like small seeds. We are many in number and no one bothers about us for none can be sure, what we, the seeds will end up to. Now once the life i.e. the desire to do something starts within us, people start expecting things from us. And when we grow slowly and open up our very first few leaves, everyone admires because they find it very interesting and new. Our nascent talent attract many people for it‘s the sign, that we are beginning to do something. They admire and praise our work to make us believe, in what we are doing and supports us to grow up into a little bigger plant which will have a bit more leaves. Now people will start comparing one leaf to another very soon they may criticize and say much stuff about them. And if you are in deep love with your leaves it would be harder to tolerate critics. But whenever you are developing any skill set the critics are the most helpful ones around you. Their criticism will help you improve your work quicker. But to learn from our mistakes, that these critics will point out, is only possible when you already believe there are mistakes. But if you love your work you won’t be able to see any, like a mother doesn't see any fault in her child.


This was one of the very first comics, (first leaves) that I tried making and sharing over a social network. It was published around mid-2010. I got a very good response on it, from friends and it inspired me to make more of it.
But as I am trying to hate my work, let‘s criticize it and see what happens.
It’s a very poor kind of work. Drawings are lousy and there are a lot of question marks all over. Who is that girl? If she landed on some place where are the speed lines? It looks like she’s farting. The dialog bubble? Come-on who the hell is speaking? It’s not understandable.
You see finding mistakes is easy but for that you need to hate you work first else you won’t able to accept it and learn from it.

by Simmi Singh simmi@fagangstuffs.com

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