Aug 1, 2012

Comic Strips - Any One Can Make It (Part Three)

So, we have been having fun, making little comic strips, from the last two issues, right? Hope you all enjoyed giving this art form a bit of your time. Now when you know it how to make it in a simple way, let upgrade ourselves to a higher version.

Improving Drawings
Although the story is the main ingrident of a comics, the illustration plays a significant role when it becocmes business oriented. As we all know most of us don’t get enough time to check out the story before buying buy a comic book. So we rather go on the illustration inside it or on the cover page.
Bang on! Lets get started without wasting time, improving our marvellous skills that are hidden amongs us. It’s pretty interesting to draw just  anything. If you are from an art back ground, you already have enjoyed drawing a lot. In this issue of article, let’s show you some interesting procedure of drawing stuffs. Don’t worry if you face some trouble trying it out, will write in more details about the steps shown here in later issues. Nothing technical or serious, just have fun drawing. Give it a try!   

Drawing out gestures in basic shapes. If you can draw cylinders and spheres you can draw this.
 Give it a little detailing on it all basic nothing hi-fi.

Simple Light and shade details. All goes according to volume. Do mistakes no worry, no one gonnna scold you.

Color it with smiple tints it’s super easy.

This procedure goes for almost any medium i.e. digitally or on paper. I must also inform you that each of these steps of drawing shown is a vast chapter of study and practice. If you are making one don’t forget to mail it to me. I would love to see your progress and guide as much as possible.
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by Simmi Singh

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