Oct 26, 2012

Comic Strips - Any One Can Make It (Part Six)

Hello friends and welcome to the sixth part of the article. Guess what? You are reading this, which means you are hungry for more stuffs. Great!

So long, we have been hovering over random topics about comics and making you familiar with the comics making world.  If you are reading this from the very beginning, you know how to make simple comics, have the basic idea about drawing with shapes. Plus terms like inking and various kinds of dialogue bubbles are no longer new thing to you. That’s great!

So, let’s start getting deeper!
Let’s talk and make a small comics strip with you guys. Get on with your weapons and let’s start!
Wait! We need a quick story. How do we make it? Hmm… let me search today’s newspaper for topic, nothing interesting. Same with the TV, maybe internet has something good to inspire. Let look around for a while.
What a mosquito? Flying I front of me, I can’t think of anything if this annoying mosquito keeps flying in front of me. Guess something is wrong with my eyesight, missed to hit it away three times. Well sometimes it happens that you can’t find any concept and you feel like giving up and blah blah…

Wait a minute, “MISS”, hmm… a double meaning word. You know such double meaning words can make simple gags very easily. So, today the mosquito is the messenger for the fresh gag. What came up in my mind is something like this…
A student sitting is a silent class and a strict math’s teacher is busy solving a sum on the board. The student is bored, very bored. Just then a mosquito flies in somehow.  Our bored student tries hitting it away. But he misses it and hits himself, sighs and unknowingly says “MISS”. The teacher looks back and asks “Yes!

Now when we have a simple story, we can break it down to scenes to make it easy to draw.
1. A boring Math’s class our hero is sitting idle.
2. A mosquito comes in.
3. Tries to hit it away.
4. Unknowingly says misses and hits himself.
5. Teacher looks back.

Next is planning the layout and staging the characters for our comic strip.
Making sketches according to the plan.
Inking it.

Dialogue Texts

Drawing appropriate dialogue bubbles

Then finishing the look with adding the heading etc. which makes it look better.

Pretty easy right? If you try making one and are not satisfied of the output, don’t worry. For no one can give a hits show in a row, flops are a sign of upcoming hits. Keep making comics and having fun. Gradually, it will get into your fingers, takes a little bit time.

by Simmi Singh simmi@fagangstuffs.com


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