Oct 26, 2012

Comic Strips - Any One Can Make It (Part Eight)

Last part got a bit critical, for some of you guys, may be. Thus, this time, will be letting the illustrations speak more than the words. In this part, will show you a few styles of illustrations that are being used by the comic book artists…
This method is quite popular for old daily magazines or comic strips in it. Simple, with base colors and exaggerated toons.

Most children’s comic books or magazines, running monthly or occasionally, use this kind of artwork for their story telling. Characters are close to reality but with simplicity in details and coloring.

Many Japanese comics series can be pointed out with such artworks. They are more focused to storytelling than going into colors, details etc. from the very beginning. Nowadays, modern manga comics are in colored form, with much greater and attractive artworks.

Believe it or not, there are some bestsellers from USA with such artworks. Series of comics are made with such partially drawn artworks, still with great composition and cinematic sense. Most of such comics can go panels after panels without dialog bubbles, yet telling the story like a cinema.

The most popular are such artworks with babes and bright colors. Mostly popular among the males aged between 12 – 45.

Anyways, if you are making your own independent comics and not bound to draw in a specific way by your senior, one must always try to look for his own style. It’s tough to develop one, but it will certainly please you, when you will be yourself, in your illustrations and draw in your own unique way.

by Simmi Singh simmi@fagangstuffs.com


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