Oct 10, 2012

Yahoo! I did it for my religion!!

Just read about "Malala Yousafzal". Pata nai kis tarh ki ladai lad rahe hain yeh Taliban! Kaise log hai jo enhe support karte hain. Aise extremistpan sirf, aadhe jankar ya bhatkaye hue logo meh hi ho sakta hai.

Education is the only means to let the people not support them. By education only people an get above religions. Dharm us jamane ki baat hai jab log cheezo ko na samj pa kar use chamtkar karar dete the. Dharm ek jariya tha, teritory pe kabu rakhne ka, jab log naye mulk pe kabja karne ke liye lada karte the. Log kab samjhenge es baat ko?

Aaj jab humare paas samaj, hai jankari hai, tohyeh sab kitna bekar lagta hai. There is nothing like god, there is nothing like religions. It was just to control and make people behave accordingly in times, when barbarianism was everywhere.

Great people and icons leaders like Krishna, Gutam Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad and many more, just took a step ahead to make people believe in something supernatural, so that they can organize the society in their times and bring peace and they did everything for it. Face it please it's the truth.

But today people and their leaders are pulling it too much for their own benefits. To fight and kill them, will only make more of them!

Educate people and must Educate Girls.

Their action of firing bullets on an unarmed girl proves that, educating girls is weakening them.

As, if mothers are educated, the next generation will never ever will be a Taliban !

If sister are learning and studying no brother will ever speak or stand for them.

If wives are allowed to come forward, obviously husbands are not a supporter of them.

And surely, a true mother will be who, will teach their children to forget religions and be a believer and understander of good and bad, just by one's action and not by them being a supporter or hater of a religion.

Do you know if, someday India get educated completely, numerous political parties/groups will fall, coz they run their organization on the base of religion, ethnicity and class.

Many countries will fall, coz they too run their country on the base of religion.And a person in power will never want it.

So, this is the only reason they back up Taliban to attack a girl, who is just asking for "Girls Education". It's not patriot-ism; it's not religion -ism and even not human-ism.

So tell me isn’t it has been the medium to gain power from ancient times till today? Or you still belief in almighty god??

If you can’t do any good then, at least keep your hatred away from people who want to work for others?  May be you are afraid to believe that , one day you will die then, will be either burned or buried and that’s it. There’s nothing called heaven !!!!..........

Religion based terrorism is more afraid of education than bullets. Coz bullet kills to create to make more of them. But Education eliminates it's "roots" a.k.a. religion ! All anti terrorist organization world wide, should now focus more into educating people and sending teachers instead of soldiers 


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  1. How true!! Education is makes a person wise enough to differentiate b/w right and wrong. The feel of patriotism should be imbibed along with education.