Nov 27, 2012

Comic Strips - Any One Can Make It (Part Nine)

So far so good, we are now in the ninth part of this. But have been getting complaints about understanding issues. I know it’s quite tough to get something like making comics via such brief article and not so detailed steps of illustrations. So, introducing the Youtube channel ( Where you can see a better demo of the making process if required.
As we are soon going to get more precise about technical details, I felt this would come up as a great help.
So, we get to our this issue’s making of comics. This time we will keep it very “handmade” kind of thing. By next part of this article you will come to know what I really mean by being hand made. ^_^

As always one has to start with basic shape to get to the required pose.

Adding a little bit detail to the pose  that we have got .

Staging it to tell the story. Positioning it according to the requirement. Added another character, a scary pumpkin :P

Drew out the outline very roughly, not very tough to do. ^_^

Added base colour.

Little bit shading and darker tints.

Now this could be new to many, here a premade texture from Google is placed above all the layers, can be done in the digital work flow in any layer based software and play with bending options. And on paper or canvas the paper itself provides a very good detail. Be choosey next time with your paper before drawing. ^_^
Texture taken from - Texture 73

After adding texture, notice the grains added up due to it.

Now finishing it ^_^
Hope you enjoyed this one. Will come up with more things in upcoming articles :P. Do a lot of drawings and if you wish, you can share with me too at

Simmi Singh

Check out it’s video tutorial at

by Simmi Singh


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