Dec 12, 2012

On 12/12/12

Good morning friends,

3:33 am IST of 12/12/12 I just had a crazy idea of posting a post on this never coming back day.

Mayan calender , Holy bible etc world end etc heard a lot :( Scary.

Don't know what to believe. Well is we think it the other way 12 is number, what if it was named 13 or  it looked like 13 or 17 may be. which means 12 isn't exactly 12 really. We ourselves have made this no 12 a number 12. That confusing I know :P

Main thing is world is not going to end on a specific date. As the natures doesn't counts it in dates, If we count circulations around the sun, then any day can be doom day. not really 12/12/12. :D :D :D

On 2nd thought:

it weirdly rained a lot in Kolkata today, and I don't know about others but  i felt our building shaking thrice  exactly at the time of thunder. Really it's explainable  did any any one else fee that?

just having fun writing, plz zdon't take it seriously :P


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