Feb 18, 2013

We Complete the 2nd Week for Our Published Book

Hey friends,

Here we complete the 2nd week for our published book-

KUHAAS - The Mist (check the link for more detailed information "http://bit.ly/fagangstuffs_shop")

We got support on our book from various parts of the world, it is an amazing experience. Thanks a lot for that, You all are so awesome. ^_^

As we promised, we are and we will be working on more social topics from the Indian Societies (specially tribal) while being in touch with it's artistic forms. Here is a sneak peek to our upcoming plans.

1. The Black Notebooks's Volume I - KUHAAS -The Mist. Released FEB 2013

2.. KURKHAR - (Our Research paper on which the Black Note Book Volume I is based upon) by Ist quarter of 2014

3. Kurkhar Community's (The Tribal's Community from Central India) World's First Proper Calender with lists of all their important dates, festivals and rituals. (by Aprii 2013, i.e. Sarhul Festival (Kurkhar's New Year))

4. The Black Notebooks's Volume II - (Title not decided) around 1st quarter of 2014.

5. Canvas Painting and similar Art stuffs (Themed on Kurkhar religious beliefs) will keep on coming gradually after April 2013.

Possibly our team will be collaborating with some Tribal welfare Gov. organizations and NGO's too from central India to bring up an independent event. (Preparation is going on, will let you all know) ^_^

On other works -

1. Research paper on Ratuvgarh, Bihar (Extremely Important Historical Place for Tribals but Ignored by Gov. even after AAJ TAK's documentary on it)

2. Research on Local Clubs and Political influence (Kolkata Based)

3. Research on conditions of Open Universities in India and abroad.

- Simmi

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