Apr 6, 2013

FA Gang Stuffs: SHOP

FA Gang Stuffs: SHOP:            


The Story

A young girl, to get outstanding material for her college article goes exploring the tribes from central India. But while exploring and knowing more about the tribes and their issues, she gets engulfed into confusing and horrifying illusions of some ancient tribal myth, after which everything changes for her.

About the Book
Kuhaas - The mist, is an illustrated work of fiction which is inspired from trips into the Civil War effected places of central India, as on May 2012. Along with it's mystical enchanting story, it also describes the issues and situations being faced by “Gov. ignored” tribal communities who are still living there.

It's has raised and tried to clarify topics that how modern societies are killing tribal beliefs & their society. The story itself tells about the misconceptions of the RED & BLACK FLAG. Plus, has beautiful tribal cultural details with sprinkles of untold tribal myths to make it an “all age readable” informative fiction novel.

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