Jul 30, 2013

Three Random Fans for July end 2013 "The depressing Contest"

And three lucky engaging fans & supporters are for The Depressing Contest are -

A mysterious person +91 xxx xxx 3497
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Topic - Why so big contrast between the rich and the poor ?

"A striking question that was put forward by the F. A. gang was why where some people can afford a manecure to their dogs a village woman has to walk miles to fetch her son his food? A solution to reduce the social difference might be implementation of higher taxes upon the luxurious commodities and prohibiting students from higher economic groups from availing themselves with their caste scholarship by amendments of laws and by lending interest free loans to the poor to start cottage industries or to find out their ways to establish their means. The Govt is of poor as well as the rich but it's Govt's duty to check the rift between both. So all in all the basic solution I find to this problem is proposal a 'poor man's annual budget' every year by amendment of laws."

Soumendra Majumdar -

Topic - How much time we give ourselves to groom ? We don't give time to groom the society and keep complaining.

"the biggest depressing thing is Indian people are still believing in the non-violnce principles of Mahatma Gandhi---"ek gaal mey thappar marey toh dusra agey kar do" and "sahte raho,par ahimsa mat karo".these thoughts are needed to be changed or the urban people will forever dominate over the villagers and there will be an economic gap.thus the rich will be always rich and the poor will die.and dogs are meant to be stray animals not those to be sitting in sofas enjoying warm milk.aqnd village guys should not think of settling in towns rather than villages.ab apna gussa agar nahi utarengey toh vikari ban kar reh jayenge."

Topic - All four

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  1. Hello F A gang. The first post here is mine. I've received a message regarding this. I'll reach F A gang soon. Thank you so much.

    Srishti :)

    1. ^_^ Thanks for all your support and sharing opinion !
      - on behalf of FA Gang Stuffs Simmi :)