Jul 23, 2013

Go Girls get bows to shoot @###**#@@#s

In country where guns are allowed women carry handguns for self defense.
In India not every one can afford guns, women look for pepper spray cans.(Not easily available) 

Forget electric taser, no chance.

So, for thousands of years how do our own tribal women defense themselves from wild animals, while they go  for collecting fire woods and resources?

Simple, home made bamboo bows and arrows, even today you will find women carrying them whenever they feel unsafe.

Look for re-curve bow or compound bow and have fun, with which you can shoot down an African elephant in a single shot.  

So, next time shoot the balls off, when men start behaving like animals.

"Tribal women with bows played important roles in ancient tribal wars."

So, next time a biker goes by teasing at full speed, shoot an arrow and pray to god it hits the tires
(Depends on your anger  :P) 


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