Aug 12, 2013

DC Comics Turns to an Anti-Hero in Its Time of Need (TWX)

DC Comics Turns to an Anti-Hero in Its Time of Need (TWX): "Author Neil Gaiman is back writing comic books for Time Warner's (NYSE: TWX  ) DC Comics unit. In the following video, Fool contributor Tim Beyers says it's a good sign for a business that needs as much creative output as it can get.

Gaiman first reached the national stage in the late 1980s with a supernatural-themed comic book series called Sandman, which ran for 75 issues and won critical acclaim. The series went on to help Warner and DC establish a publishing imprint for mature readers called Vertigo, which lost founding editor Karen Berger earlier this year. Now DC is restructuring the division in hopes of attracting readers to Gaiman's work and that of other creators.

Vertigo is important for DC because of how much mature material is flowing through the comics channel right now. (Think of Image's The Walking Dead, which AMC has adapted into a top-rated TV show.) Having a separate imprint allows DC to sell to older readers while reassuring kids that its core titles feature the (mostly) idealistic superheroes they've come to know."

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