Nov 8, 2013

Proud not Primitive

AYUSH Adivasi Yuva Shakti commented -

Proud not Primitive- Watch the film; spread the word!
Tribal peoples are not primitive; they have every reason to be proud of their lives, lands and choices.
Around the world, tribal peoples who are living on their own lands, with the freedom to make their own choices about their lives, are thriving. Many outsiders assume that they are poor, 'backwards' or 'primitive', without seeing - or respecting - the richness of tribal peoples' lives, lands and communities.
‘We are not poor or primitive. We are very rich. Rich in our culture, our language and our land. We don’t need money or possessions. What we need is respect: respect for our culture and respect for our land rights.’ - Davi Yanomami
But tribal peoples who have been robbed of their land, or who are no longer able to access their resources, often become the poorest of the poor, forced to eke out a living on the edges of society. This future is not inevitable: as the film shows, tribal peoples worldwide have much to celebrate and every reason to hope that their rights will be increasingly respected.
Watch the film - let's change the way tribal peoples are viewed. Let's build a movement to increase respect for their rights: Proud not primitive.
Please help spread the word - send this email to your friends, share it with your networks, tweet, blog and talk about it. The more people are challenging these prejudices the quicker they will end.

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