Apr 22, 2014

Listen to this revolutionary song

Shared by Charles Marandi
Listen to this revolutionary song. Feel the greatness of being a Hero. Feel the sensation of being Patriotic to the nation. Feel the power of the vibrant and courageous Tribal people of India. Feel victorious to fight against the suppressors, Oppressors and Exploiters. Let be a part of the great revolution to liberate our tribal people. Let this be the great way to pay Homage to Our beloved great martyrs Sido Murmu and Kanhu Murmu, the heroes of great Santal rebellion popularly called Santal Hul.
Hul Johar!
The meaning of the song may be interpreted as below:-
‘O’ tribal youth, you are like a beautiful, colourful, energetic and inspirational fully bloomed Sunflower
I wish- you come forward and shine like sun rays
Be aware of Dekus who are trespassing your ancestral land and houses
Outsiders are invading your golden treasure land
Are you surrendering yourself to Dekus?
Your languages and cultural heritage being eroded
‘O’ energetic youth, where are you?
You are the real hero!
Protect it
You are the real assets of the tribal society
Get ready to protect your society.

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