Dec 7, 2014

A Tribe That Avoided Modern Civilization


Hey friends... Have you ever heard about the Sentinelese...??

The Sentinelese are a tribe of about 250 people who live on North Sentinel Island, between India and Thailand.
Not much is known about them because every time the Sentinelese receive a visitor, they greet him with a hail of arrows. They are one of the tribes in the whole world that avoided modern civilization.
A few peaceful encounters in the late 1960s gathered most of what we now know about their culture. Coconuts delivered to the beaches as a gift were eaten, rather than planted. Live pigs were shot with arrows, and then buried without being eaten. The most well-received items were red buckets, which were promptly taken away by the Sentinelese sentinels—though similar green buckets were left behind.Anyone trying to land on the islands today should write out his will first. A National Geographic team was forced to turn back after the lead team member got an arrow through his thigh, and two local guides were killed.
The Sentinelese also have a reputation for being able to survive natural disasters—unlike many of the modern people who live in similar environments. For instance, these coast-dwelling people successfully escaped the effects of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, which wreaked havoc in Sri Lanka and Indonesia.


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