Dec 5, 2014

Batik Art


Friends... Did you know that the batik print Kurtis or accessories that we use on a regular basis comes from a very ancient art of India...??

Batik art of India Asian paintings comes from Bengal. Batik art refers to the art of dyeing fabric by making use of resist techniques, covering areas of cloth with a dye resistant substance to prevent them from absorbing colors.
The technique of Batik art dates back a thousand years and can be traced to India.
Batik art is created in several ways like splash method, screen printing method, and hand painting one is by a Kalamkari pen. As patterns are applied by actual drawing rather than by weaving with thread, the artists can put forth their best in terms of creativity and imagination.
The Batik art fabric is in high demand as dress materials, designer home decor and also as forming an important part of contemporary fashion accessory.


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