Jun 15, 2015

Ice Cream

Ice cream, a great relief in the hot summer. Its smooth, semi - solid foam with various flavors excite the taste buds.  It is not counted in the list of healthy food items but it is a source of energy, vitamins and minerals . Scientists at the University of Missouri – Columbia are out to make a healthier ice cream – not to remove sugar or fat, but to add enough nutritional value. This new breed of ice cream can play a role in preventing cancer, aid in digestion,  encourage good bacteria in gut, bolster the immune system,  lower cholesterol and lose weight. But as ice cream is a dairy product, it has fat in it which increases the cholesterol level and weight. The sugar and different chemicals used in it can also be unhealthy when eaten at a frequent level. Everyone knows that a spoonful of ice cream leaves you wanting more but research indicates that it may truly be addictive as illegal drugs. It can be as addictive as cocaine.

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