Jun 23, 2015


“Want to look stylish and fashionable? Wear heels!” is the most common thinking among women. Be it a party or an official meeting or any occasion, high heels are always preferred by ladies. Yes, stilettos or high heels give a good look to the personality, no doubt, but simultaneously bring ill effects to health. Stilettos give tall and stylish look, good body posture, good looking legs and are complementary to clothes. But foot pain, back pain, leg sprain, difficulty in walking, come in addition with stilettos. Over time, wearing high heels can shorten the muscles in your calves and in your back. Chronic pain is additional to it with damage to ankle and foot.  Foot , knee and the spine suffer from the harmful effects. The way you walk is also affected. But, it cannot be concluded with the idea to give up your heels, instead follow some tips to avoid the problems that develop over time like choosing sensible heels, wearing soft insoles, stretching, wearing heels on the days that require limited standing or walking and so on. “ Take a closer look at your shoe selection and take small steps now to prevent big foot problems later” – Dr.Nevins  (an osteopathic physician from Hollywood, Calif. )

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